Stuttering can impact every area of a child’s life. They may be getting frustrated that they can’t get their message across easily, or they may be starting to feel self-conscious and withdraw.

speech pathology for stuttering

Dragonfly Speech Pathology can help create the ripples of change for children that stutter. Using the latest evidence-based techniques and programs Dragonfly Speech Pathology will tailor intervention so that children can feel confident in themselves again and communicate with ease.

Stuttering can be a natural phase of development for children and many children can grow out of it. However for those children that do not grow out of it, it can affect their confidence to interact with their community. 

Children may benefit from intervention if:

  • The stutter has been present for 3-6 months
  • Or they have a family history of stuttering
  • Or they are already showing signs of not talking as much, or getting easily frustrated or upset because of their stutter.  

Dragonfly Speech Pathology use the Lidcombe program, the Westmead Program for Stuttering and Smooth Speech. Intervention is tailored for each child.