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Experienced Speech Pathology assessment and therapy for children and teenagers

Dragonfly Speech Pathology is a paediatric speech pathology practice that aims to create the ripple effect of change for children with communication disorders.

Dragonfly Speech Pathology offer in clinic, mobile and telehealth sessions to the areas of Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and the Hunter region.

Communication disorders can impact every aspect of a child’s life.

As a parent, it can be a challenging world to navigate. Seeing your child get frustrated when they can’t easily say what they want to say, or when they become shy or withdrawn because of their communication challenges, or when their academic scores don’t reflect their true ability, it can break a parent’s heart.


Dragonfly Speech Pathology can make change happen and with that change comes the ripple effect of being set free from a communication disorder.


At Dragonfly Speech Pathology we see children step into their confidence, we see them making friends, connecting with family and achieving academic goals.

Dragonfly Speech Pathology is a paediatric speech pathology practice

Our services include

Hearing loss and communication

Hearing loss and communication

speech pathology for stuttering


Hearing loss and communication

Autism and social communication

speech pathology for late talkers

Late talkers

speech pathology for voice disorder

Voice disorders

Hearing loss and communication