Hearing Loss & Communication

When babies are born, they are wired for sound. Hearing sounds leads to connection with their carers and also keeps them safe. Babies listen to the world around them and start to tune into the sounds that are made and then start to babble which in turn leads to words, then sentences, then learning.

speech pathology for hearing loss

Children are developing their talking, listening and social connections from the moment they are born. Children may have a hearing loss at birth (sensorineural), or may develop a hearing loss later on in infancy due to frequent ear infections (conductive loss).

If children have a hearing loss at birth during infancy or the preschool years, they may be missing out on developing their speech, language and social skills.

Children with a hearing loss, even a mild hearing loss, can also have difficulty with behaviour and regulating their emotions.



 Dragonfly Speech Pathology is in a unique position being able to work with some of the leading Ear Nose and Throat surgeons in Australia. Parents will often report that when their child gets grommets, or hearing aids that they see a huge change in their child and that they go through a major language growth spurt.

Dragonfly Speech Pathology will give the family tips and suggestions for helping their child with a hearing loss. They will thoroughly assess your child to see where they may have missed out on key develop areas to start building their communication skills.

Dragonfly Speech Pathology understand the impacts that hearing loss can have on a child’s language, academic and social development. They will be an advocate for your child and all that they can achieve.

Call today to find out how Dragonfly Speech Pathology can help your child reach their potential. Dragonfly Speech Pathology will help create the ripples of change for your child.